Vladimir Putin Russia Ukraine war: Zelensky tell Putin to consider peace talks now

 Vladimir Putin Russia Ukraine war: Zelensky tell Putin to consider peace talks now

Vladimir Putin Russia Ukraine war: Zelensky tell Putin to consider peace talks now

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Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky say time to tok to Russia don reach

Vladimir Putin Russia and Ukraine war latest update na say Ukrainian President don call on Russia to meet so dem go fit talk about di ongoing war.

President Volodymyr Zelensky bin make call for one video address to nation outside of Presidential Office.

Zelensky said dis na di time for Ukraine and Russia to meet for tok.

And in time to restore “territorial integrity and justice” for Ukraine, the president added.

Zelensky appeal dey come afta fierce fighting dey continue between di two kontris.

The provocations of the last 23 days afta Russia bin launch full scale invasion of Ukraine.

“We always insist on negotiations. We don’t offer dialogue and solutions for peace.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“And I want to make everyone hear me now, especially for Moscow.

“Dis na di time to meet. Time to tok. Na time to restore territorial integrity and justice for Ukraine.

Putin is not serious about peace toks

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Russian President Vladimir Putin

However, before Zelensky’s video address, one former Prime Minister of Russia did not believe that President Vladimir Putin was “serious” about peace toks.

Mikhail Kasyanov said Putin dey unlikely to offer any solution to the conflict “wey go comfortable for Ukrainian pipe”.

Beyond the promise of neutrality – wey mean say no go apply to join NATO or the EU – Kasyanov believe say;

Putin go insist upon “official recognition” say Crimea dey part of Russia.

“Absolutely crucial, Mr Putin is worried about Crimea,” he told BBC World News.

Kasyanov – wey be prime minister between 2000-2004 – say e dey doubt any deal wey be stuck as a result of current negotiations between di two sides.

E suggest say e dey merely affording di Russians “time to regroup”.

Former PM says Putin and im closest political padis dey “nervous” about di extent of di “devastating” economic sanctions wey di West hit dem.

Mikhail Kasyanov suggests that the Russian leader “does not expect sanctions to go so harsh.”

But he said any decision to stop military operations for Ukraine “go be the beginning of im [Putin’s] end “.

“I think and go continue to oppress and increase the invasion,” said Kasyanov, adding that he was “very worried … say something awful fit for the battlefield.”

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Why is Russia attacking Ukraine?

Some believe in the personal obsession of President Vladimir Putin and in the attempt to return to a kind of new cold war.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine do not trigger red flags in many foreign ministries around the world.

Russia invades Ukraine despite say international community advise dem against am.

Dem even threatened to sanction Russia if dem invade dia neighbor but di kontri no gree.

Currently, Russia don chop some sanctions sake of dia action against Ukraine.

Russia launches major military assault against Ukraine early Thursday 24 February, 2022.

Moscow launches invasion despite international beg-beg for peace and threat of severe punishment from West.

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Why is Russia invading Ukraine?

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