Ukraine war: Putin does not bluff about nuclear weapons, EU tok

 Ukraine war: Putin does not bluff about nuclear weapons, EU tok

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Di EU gatz take Vladimir Putin threats say e fit use nuclear weapons for di conflict in Ukraine seriously, di bloc foreign policy chief don tok.

Josep Borrell tells BBC Lyse Doucet says war don’t reach “dangerous moment”.

Im remarks dey come Russia begins one partial mobilization and moves to annex four regions of Ukraine.

Oga Putin don’t face setbacks on di battlefield, with im forces pushed back by one Ukrainian counter-offensive.”

Certainly na dangerous moment because di Russian army don dey pushed into a corner, and Putin reaction – threatening using nuclear arms – dey very bad,” Oga Borrell tok.

Seven months since Russia invaded Ukraine, analysts agree that President Putin forces them on the back foot, but they say “diplomatic solution” has been reached, one way “preserves the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”.

“Otherwise, we can finish this war, but we will not go have peace, and we will have another war,” he said.

For one rare address to di nation earlier did week, Oga Putin say im kontri get “various weapons of destruction” and go “use all di means available to us”, adding: “I no dey bluff”.

“When pipo say no be bluff, you gtaz take dem seriously,” Oga Borrell

Inside the same speech, President Putin announced the call-up of 300,000 Russians to undergo compulsory military service, sparking protests and reports of people fleeing the country to avoid being sent to the front line.

And they come after one rapid counter-offensive one way Ukraine says take more than 8,000 sq km (3,088 sq miles) back from Russian forces.

Now dem don dself-styled referendums on joining Russia are being held in four occupied regions. Ukraine has denounced these as annexation attempts, and reported that armed Russian soldiers are going door-to-door collecting votes.

Ukraine don dominate dis year UN General Assembly as dis costly war still dey continue with no clear sense of way out.

Europe’s foreign policy chief was surprisingly blunt and visibly pained.

E share di anxious lament e dey hear everywhere e go.

From friends on holiday, to leaders from around di world attending di UN General Assembly dis week, dem all dey ask am when dis war go end.

“Stop dis war, I no fit pay my electricity bill,” was, I regretted, a common refrain.

Oga Borrell dey willing to say for public wetin many dey tok for private – say Europe and im allies dey struggle to control di narrative for dis war as Russia spin di view say na European sanction against Russia dem suppose blame for dis suffering.

But Moscow new and worrying threats, wey include a thinly-veiled nuclear one, also dey concentrate minds.

Most Western leaders, including Oga Borrell, still dey categorical about di need to stay di course for one conflict with many far-reaching consequences, most of all for Ukraine, but many odas too.

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