Russia-Ukraine war: Olga, Yavtushenko, says Ukrainian couples training for war

 Russia-Ukraine war: Olga, Yavtushenko, says Ukrainian couples training for war

Russia-Ukraine war: Meet the Ukrainian couples training for war

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Gun training session for Odessa, Ukraine.

A generation of Ukrainians wey only know about war from history books and di stories dia grandparents tell dem don dey forced to prepare to fight.

And some pipe for Ukraine don choose to do am wit di partners dem bin dey build dia lives wit only week ago.

For one training center for southern city of Odessa, young professionals wey normally go dey choose where to meet dia friends for coffee.

Learn how to handle weapons and apply emergency first aid to battle wounds.

“Everi pesin suppose know how to fight, how to make medicine, help for your relatives or oda pipo,” said 26-year-old graphic designer Olga Moroz tok dis one.

Wia dis foto come from, Reuters

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Maxim Yavtushenko and my girlfriend Olga Moroz

She [Olga] dey train in civil defense wit her boyfriend, 32-year-old sales manager Maxim Yavtushenko.

Di couple, wey bin dey plan dia wedding for dis summer, bin dey di facility wey provide basic training for 80 to 150 pipo a day.

All of dem dey prepare for di day Russia troops go finally press closer to di city.

Odessa, a Black Sea port wey dey handle more dan half of Ukraine imports and exports na major strategic and symbolic target for Russian forces.

Russia is invading Ukraine on February 24 and is described as a “special military operation”.

Three weeks later, he never conquered the capital Kyiv and key cities like Odessa.

Dis na sake of say Russian troops bin dey face strong resistance from Ukrainian forces and strong opposition from di civilian population.

But some cities, such as di city of Mariupol east of Odessa, don face days of bombardment.

Di reality of war don come as a shock to residents of Odessa.

Odessa na vibrant city where design ateliers and coffee outlets wey specialize in single bean roasts mix wit architecture wey get history.

And looming cranes and rail yards of di port.

“To dey honest, e dey really hard for us to understand say war dey happun right now,” 26-year-old internet marketing agency employee Murager Sharipov tok.

Wia dis foto come from, Reuters

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Murager Sharipov and her fiance Mariia Pasternak

“Now pipe pipe die somewhere, pipe pipe die and dis our pipe,” said man tok.

Although in civil defense training wey im dey get dey basic, Yavtushenko tok say e don epp am prepare mentally for wetin fit come.

“Ukraine dey alone right now and pipo wey dey watch us now gass understand say di war dey here, but e fit be in your home, e fit be wit your friends and in your kontri.”

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Vladimir Putin Russia and Ukraine war latest update na say Ukrainian President don call on Russia to meet so dem go fit talk about di ongoing war.

President Volodymyr Zelensky bin make call for one video address to nation outside of Presidential Office.

Zelensky said dis na di time for Ukraine and Russia to meet for tok.

Why is Russia attacking Ukraine?

Some believe in the personal obsession of President Vladimir Putin and in the attempt to return to a kind of new cold war.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine do not trigger red flags in many foreign ministries around the world.

Russia invades Ukraine despite say international community advise dem against am.

Dem even threatened to sanction Russia if dem invade dia neighbor but di kontri no gree.

Currently, Russia don chop some sanctions sake of dia action against Ukraine.

Russia launches major military assault against Ukraine early Thursday 24 February, 2022.

Moscow launches invasion despite international beg-beg for peace and threat of severe punishment from West.

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Why is Russia invading Ukraine?

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