Dancing with Stars family ships donated supplies

 Dancing with Stars family ships donated supplies

FORT LEE – Over 130,000 pounds of medical, hygiene and baby supplies have been shipped to Ukraine with the help of “Dancing with the Stars” family.

Aleksandr “Sasha” Chmerkovskiy, the father of “Dancing with the Stars” pros Maksim and Valentin, launched a massive donation effort this month with its hub at 2060 Hudson St.

Chmerkovskiy created the charity organization and named it Baranova 27, for the address where he lived and his sons grew up in Odessa, Ukraine.

The family came to the US almost 30 years ago and Sasha Chmerkovskiy is now an Edgewater resident and the owner of a dance studio, Dance With Me, in Fort Lee.

Since the donation drive started, 49,000 pounds of donations have been sent by air to war-torn Ukraine. Of that, 7,600 pounds of goods have been successfully delivered in Lviv, Ukraine. Another 85,000 pounds of donations were shipped by sea in four containers and are expected to arrive in Gydnia, Poland, by April 20.

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