Bombing in Ukraine: how to behave to save lives

 Bombing in Ukraine: how to behave to save lives

Artillery drums

If you hear a salvo of launches and see a trail of projectiles or lightning in the air at night, it is probably an artillery bombardment with multiple rocket launchers. If the home is in an area of ​​active hostility, where bombing is possible, strengthen the windows to prevent the scattering of glass fragments. In addition to the tape, cover with furniture or sandbags.


Hide in a protected area of ​​your home with doors and windows as far away from you as possible. Suitable bathroom or stairs. If there is no such place, lie on the floor and cover your body with sturdy objects.

If you are in an open area, immediately lie down on the floor, hide behind a ledge (steps, concrete urn), and cover your head with your hands. Place your body in a safe position: group up, lie down in a fetal position, turn your legs in the direction of the shot, cover your head with your hands, and open your mouth (this will save you from the shock of shell).

Don’t hide behind kiosks or cars – it’s very dangerous!

Mortar fire

If you hear the whistle of a projectile and, after a couple of seconds, an explosion, immediately fall to the ground, close your ears and open your mouth. After the first explosion, try to hide in an underground passage, a subway, a shelter, a ditch, a ditch, a ditch, a wide drain pipe, a hole, or behind a high curb.

The most dangerous places for mortar bombing: entrances, arches, stairs, basements, cars or gas stations. If you are overwhelmed, ask for help and wait for the specialists.

How to deal with the collapse of a house

  • Be sure to ask for help. Tell us where you are and what happened to you. If you’ve been heard, wait for help.
  • If you are not heard or there is no one to ask for help:
  • Try to release your arms and legs without sudden movements
  • Assess the situation around: what fell, if you can get out on your own
  • If possible, carefully disassemble the rubble, do not pick up everything
  • If you are not confident in your abilities, ask for help
  • If possible, try to give a signal anyway: phone, tap pipes
  • Give yourself first aid if you can.
  • Try to hide from something so you don’t lose heat and wait for help

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